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John and Dorothy’s adventure on the European continent could not have been completed without giving the whisky driven Scots a taste of Vergenoegd’s elegant wines. On the 7th of June, John presented the full range of Vergenoegd wines at a tasting held at the Champany Inn in the ancient town of Linlithgow, the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots.


The wines that were tasted at the event:

  • Runner Duck Range

– Runner Duck White 2011

– Runner Duck Rosé 2010

– Runner Duck Red 2009

  • Vergenoegd Range

– Terrace Bay 2003

– Shiraz 2003

– Merlot 2005

– Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

– Estate Blend 2004

– Old Cape Colony Cape Vintage 2004

The tasting was organised by our UK agents from Newark wines, Calum and Carien Sabey, and they invited several members of the trade. Those attendees were:

On a cold summers morning the guests gathered at the Champany Inn, renowned for hosting South African winemakers, which was made evident by the numerous signed box lids panelling the walls of the cellar.


The small and intimate tasting was held in the underground cellar amongst an impressive collection of wines, again South Africa was well represented. Vergenoegd Cellar master John Faure took the guests through the Runner Duck Range and then progressed onto the Classic range. The guests were particularly impressed with the age of the wines presented, as well as the potential to age further. Host sommelier Michael confirmed this fact, by mentioning that he had in the past had several bottles of older Vergenoegd wines in his cellar that he had obtained over the years at the Nederburg Auction


After the tasting and a presentation of the historical estate and our working Indian Runner ducks, the guests grabbed the few decanters of wine ( the  wines were decanted for the tasting), and headed upstairs to the restaurant for lunch. Judging by the orders, and Calum and Carien’s recommendations, the restaurant is famous for their juicy steaks. There were various starters ordered but everyone settled for the steak as the main course. During lunch the guests had some fun attempting to identify the various wines in the decanters and  then deciding which wine paired the best with the different starters and the main course.

After lunch the guests headed off in their various directions, and hopefully a few lasting friendships and business opportunities were formed.

A big thanks to Michael from the Champany Inn for hosting Vergenoegd and to Calum and Carien from Newark Wines for arranging this wonderful event, we hope to be back soon.