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Vergenoegd’s Runner Ducks have been at it again, this time the Duck’s very own range was the centre of attention when the White,  Rosè and Red blend were all selected into the 2013 Best Value Wine Guide, the first time the whole range has been selected. This is exactly what we had in mind when this range was created-a good affordable option to our classic range.

In 2009 the decision was taken between winemaker Marlize Jacobs and Cellar master John Faure to transform an experiment with Rosè into an entire range.  Apart from the addition of the sole white wine to the Estates portfolio, the range continues to wow consumers especially with unique cultivars used in the blends.

The 2009 vintage Runner Duck Red was awarded the Classic FM trophy for the Best Red Blend of 2012. The current 2010 vintage is a similar blend of Touriga Naçional, Cabernet franc and Malbec, and can be purchased from the Estate at R50 per bottle.


The 2011 Runner Duck Rosè is a blend of Cabernet franc, Merlot and Malbec, and was the wine that actually spawned the entire Runner Duck range. The Rosè, in keeping with our focus on red wines is closer to being a red wine than a white wine but is the perfect companion for summer, and can be purchased for the same price as the Red from the farm.(can add it has more complexity and therefore versitilty with various foods)


The 2011 Runner Duck White also managed to receive a mention in the Best Value Guide for 2013, is the only wine in both our ranges that is  not made from our own grapes as we presently only have red cultivars planted on our estate.

You will now be able to find our 2012 Runner Duck White in stores and off the Estate also priced at R50 a bottle.


The Best Value Guide 2013 wines can be recognised by the small red sticker with white writing. We are extremely proud of this endorsement of great wines at affordable prices and think that is a quacking achievement.